American Flag etiquette does not include burning it. Show our respect for those who have paid the price for our freedom and salute it.

It is our responsibilities as parents and grandparents to set a good example for our youth so they can face the future.

Our economy needs JOBS!

We can not tax our way out of debt. We need JOBS.


Vote for “National Security” change!

This election is about the known versus the unknown. We know that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hit the reset button with Russia after they invaded the country of Georgia, then they invaded Ukraine. We know that her policies in the middle east left a void in Iraq and Syria which has now been filled by ISIS. Negotiations with Iran has given them the nuclear bomb and over a billion dollars in cash. And new information has recently been released that Iran has been funding al Qaeda.  So do we really want more of the same in the next administration term?

Impeach the Law Breaker!

President Obama and his administration have broken our laws too many times to mention them all. If it was us “The People” we would have been convicted years ago. “We The People” must demand that Congress Impeach him. Per Forbes magazine, here are the top 10 laws he has broken plus the most recent violation:

Vote Now for or against The Establishment

Are you tired of the Establishment trying to run/ruin our country? Now may be our last chance to get our country back from The Establishment. Those who are controlling who we vote for president, where our jobs going, which cars we can drive (gas or battery), where we buy our health insurance and who is exempted, who gets to stay in our country with free benefits and where our tax dollars are spent.

Congress Must Impeach Obama Now!

President Obama and his administration have broken our laws too many times to mention them all but before he nominates other Liberal Supreme Court Justice, Congress must Impeach him. Per Forbes magazine in 2013 here are the top 10 laws he has broken:

Prosecute Hillary Clinton

Our next president must be able to uphold the “Laws of our Land” and Hillary Clinton can not be trusted to do so. Her record shows she will do anything to cover up her actions. In the #2016Election for president …